Do not Overpay for Your Aircraft Maintenance Tools

Because the market on aviation maintenance tools is a very niche one, the prices for tools in the field are not always consistent across the board. Many manufacturers or retailers of such parts will feel at liberty to charge whatever outrageous price they can for things like a magnetic synchronizer, twist pliers, rivet guns, jacks, etc. And because it’s such a small market, consumers will often have to purchase these items at that price. But with enough knowledge of these products and also on those who are selling them, you can avoid paying such high prices on your parts. See the basic outline below on how to avoid paying more.

Aviation Sockets

Some aircraft mechanics are advised to use tool truck sockets when doing aviation maintenance. However, with a little online research, you can see that the same work can be done with a much less expensive Gearwrench six-point shallow sets or a Craftsman twelve-point shallowset. Even the Matco, Snap-on and Mac tool sockets can do everything the recommended tool truck socket can do with half the cost.


Pliers are another popular set of tools that will frequently experience a tool truck markup. Oftentimes, with pliers sold in aviation markets, the markup is due to an added warranty. While it’s always a good measure to be prepared in case the parts become rusted or frozen, the reality is that aviation maintenance, unlike car maintenance, does not require that mechanics abuse their tool to the point of wearing it down. Pliers used in aviation maintenance need not withstand much heavy-duty work. The only exception to this rule would be pliers used as wire cutter and safety wire pliers.

Hammers, Punches, Files, Mirrors, etc.

Simple tools like hammers, files, mirrors, and punches can be used in a variety of car and other maintenance work. However, you’ll notice that the price is often marked up for the same tools in the aviation maintenance industry. While there are some specialized tools for planes, the majority of tools can be used across aviation and several other industries. A basic heavy duty hammer, for instance, can be a great substitute for expensive sledgehammers. Files, useful for cutting aluminum in aviation mechanic work, are a much-needed tool but do not warrant a significantly higher price.  Similarly, punches are another item that is marked up despite functioning the same as punches sold in other maintenance markets.

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