Military Fastener Rivets

Rivets are a vital component for aircraft construction, often providing fastening solutions and structural integrity for areas such as the outer skin, spar sections, rib sections, and other fittings and components. When trying to find what rivets are best for your particular needs and operations, you may have come across those that are referred to as military fasteners. While these components may serve much of the same functionality as a standard, similar component, their designation serves importance for their capabilities and ratings.

            A United States military standard component, often referred to as MIL-SPEC or MS component, is one that meets specific defense standards as set out by the United States Department of Defense. Military standards were first implemented in order to achieve standardization of parts, ensuring that the items in question meet requirements, are reliable, may be compatible with logistics systems, and meet other defense-related objectives as needed. With various handbooks and defense specifications provided by authorities, parts may serve as military standard items by following the processes and materials as set out by the US DoD.

            MS series rivets are those that have been designed, manufactured, and tested to meet military standards, and they are commonly used for defense, marine, governmental, and nuclear applications. Depending on the need and intended installation, various rivet military fasteners may be procured. Across the various MS series rivets available on the market, the most common types include MS solid rivets and MS blind rivets.

            MS solid rivets are solid rivets that are manufactured to meet military standards, and they are often used for the fastening of various aircraft structures and components. Solid rivets serve as the most basic types, typically featuring a smooth, cylindrical shaft and head. For installation, the solid rivet has its tail passed through pre-formed holes of the components it is meant to secure, and then the tail end is upset. By deforming the tail, the rivet may then have a head on both sides of the assembly, ensuring that it cannot be removed to establish integrity. Rivets are useful for tension and shear loads, most often being best at accommodating the latter type. To upset an MS solid rivet, tools such as a rivet gun or hammer may be used to ensure proper force and deformation.

            MS blind rivets, on the other hand, are most useful for the securing of components where the worker may not have access to both sides of the assembly. While a blind rivet is often similar in appearance to a solid rivet, they differ in the fact that there is a long nail-like mandrel that is placed within the center of the blind rivet shaft. To install a blind rivet, the tail is passed through the holes of components, and then a special tool is used to draw the mandrel through the tube. As the mandrel is pulled, the blind end of the rivet begins to expand, creating a second head on the other side of the assembly to secure the parts together. Blind rivets are most often used on the outer skin of an aircraft, allowing workers to quickly and efficiently install the military fasteners from one side of the assembly.

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