What Are the Different Types of Paper Cutters

Whether you own a print shop or your business simply requires printing and cutting paper, having a reliable paper cutter or trimmer is important for many applications across a myriad of industries. This being said, there are different types of paper cutters and trimmers for different jobs, so it is useful to understand the functions and purposes of each. With some equipment being better suited for in-home applications and others working well to satisfy paying customers, this blog will offer an overview of five popular paper cutting machines available on the market.

The first paper cutter this blog will cover is the rotary trimmer, that of which offers the most precise cut on up to thirty sheets of paper. Since a rotary trimmer is designed to sit atop a table, you should make sure you have a sturdy surface on which it can be used. They are both inexpensive and efficient, as they are ideal for quickly cutting straight edges. Furthemore, this design is safe to operate and often features self-sharpening mechanisms. With the ability to cut not only paper, but also plastic films, vinyl, and PVC, this tool is easy to use and an easy investment.

A second common paper cutter is one that most people are familiar with that encompasses a guillotine style. This paper cutter is often seen in offices and other workplaces because it can cut through multiple sheets of paper at one time. Guillotine cutters get jobs done quickly and precisely, cutting up to 360 sheets in one stroke. They also use a weighted clamp to firmly hold your papers in place. Similar to the rotary trimmer, this design is safe and easy to use.

Larger jobs call for larger paper cutters, and if you're cutting a lot of paper at once, a wise choice would be to purchase a hydraulic or electric paper cutter. These designs are automated and can be programmed to perform multiple cuts of different styles to fit different needs. Therefore, this design is useful for operators serving customers with a variety of requirements. Similar to other designs, these paper cutters are also safe, as they are built to prevent injuries and are easy-to-maintain. You can also procure these cutters with lights and displays used for positioning and cutting along guided lines.

A fourth design which completes many tasks is the cutter, slicer, creaser. This is an all-in-one machine with preprogramming and multiple presets available for operations like cutting business cards, flyers, and brochures with little to no supervision. While they are more expensive than other designs, they are also capable of handling more tasks.

Lastly, you can procure a business card cutter for the very specific task of creating cards for your business. These are affordable and can be purchased as manual or automatic designs.

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