Fiber optic sensing is a unique way to sense certain characteristics such as temperature and strain by the way they affect light. Using a fiber optic thread as a sensor, a device can measure the physical properties of light across thousands of continuous points along the entire fiber. As a useful detection method along pipelines, power cables, and more, it can be helpful to understand how fiber optic sensing works as well as where it can be used. These questions and more are answered below as we discuss how this vital technology is used in modern applications.

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When working with devices that run on electrical circuits, whether AC or DC, it is important to protect your system from excessive current flows. While circuit breakers are a common choice for reuse, electronic fuses are still used in some applications and comply with all necessary codes. Fuses are intended for one time use and work to break a circuit when temperatures or power levels rise too high. Read on to learn more about how electronic fuses work and the applications in which they should be used.

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