While other components may get more attention, automotive fasteners are an integral part of the construction of vehicles, responsible for ensuring their safety and structural integrity. From securing body panels to connecting various parts of the engine, automotive fasteners come in a variety of types designed for specific applications, which we will briefly delve into in this blog.

One of the most common types of automotive fasteners are nuts, which are essential for holding critical parts of the vehicle together, such as suspension components and exhaust systems. Nuts are used in conjunction with bolts to create a secure connection between components and come in various shapes and sizes, including hexagonal and square, to accommodate different bolt types.

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Bolts are a common fastener for numerous assemblies, and they are often paired with an external nut with the use of their threading. This allows a bolt to be inserted into the hole of a component in order to permit two or more parts to come together. The joined components can then be tightened together by applying torque to the bolt fastener. In this blog, we will provide a brief overview of the most commonly used bolts and why they are fundamentally important in aiding the assembly of components and structures.

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